Twenty Four Mondays: Don't Stop Being Brave

Last week, after working through a small set back, after a long hard run working my way back up to an even longer run, the news came that the race, for the first time in the history of the race, wasn't going to happen in seven Mondays. 

Last week, these were the last words I wrote...
The good news that we all can take with us is that we are NOT in control and we don't have to be. It is important to practice discipline while training for this race. It is good to be ready, but in the end, God is in control. God is the one that has all the stars and planets aligned. He has all the days counted out. And one thing I know for sure. God is good. He is good if my toes are rotting and he is good if they are crossing the finish line. 
And, this is more real to me today than it was last Monday. Is it frustrating? Yes! It is! Not only was I training better than ever before even with a set back, but I was having a blast sharing the journey with you all and working to challenge myself in areas of my life that needed to wake up. I wanted to reach into the areas of my life where I needed to drop the fear, drop the anxiety, drop the giving up, drop the lack of energy, and drop the weaknesses and take on bravery, take on new projects, take on things that are hard for me, and take on joy, confidence and strength. 

When I'm running, I am brave and strong and happy and confident, but when I'm trying new things or trying to reach out into the unknown, I want to crawl into my shell and stay there. This training has served as the catalyst for me to reach out to you and to get out of my shell and be brave, even when it is hard. 

Just this last weekend, I finally made the dress with my daughter. To be honest, if I had to train for a race that isn't happening just to give me the courage to sew a dress with Amelia, it was worth every single mile. 

Now, I have 24 more Mondays to keep being brave and you do too! We actually have the rest of our lives to go miles that might not take us to a starting line, but the miles are worth it. Keep pressing forwards, keep finding the challenge, keep going even when it is uncomfortable, keep going even if you mess up! Keep going even if the race isn't happening!

I won't stop running. I'll be on the road running miles on miles on miles. They don't look the same as marathon training miles, but I don't need a marathon to do what I love so much. My goal for the next 24 weeks is to find ways to love this life and create and build and move in this life in ways that are strengthening me and challenging me toward loving, giving serving, and creating for my family and my community. 

Don't stop moving towards your goals. Don't stop being brave. Don't stop reaching outside your comfort zones! I can't wait to hear what you've been trying! What goals have you've set and achieved? What new ideas do you have? What new dishes have you cooked? I made falafels, I made spicy pork noodle soup, and I made cream of tartar sauce to go with the cat fish that we caught yesterday in our neighbors pond! I've never made any of these things and they were good and it wasn't too hard! 

Stay safe. Keep being brave. And remember. God is in control AND he is good.


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