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Snap Shot Squared

There are nine of them. They come together every other Tuesday and sit at the dining room table with paper and pencil. They listen and write and create and think and rhyme and discover and discuss and encourage and suggest and laugh and read. After an hour of intense mind exercise, they dash out the door and head for the trees and the playhouse or the pool or the trampoline or the barn. They scream with delight and chase and run and tromp and eat and go.  These are the members of Writing Workshop. For over a year, we’ve focused entirely on writing. As they read their stories to each other, I thought it was time to try a new project. After taking a series of twenty photos, they narrowed their pictures down to five, then one. They divided their picture into inch squares. Finally, they picked one square.  They each chose their own way to recreate their square. They used material, beads, pencils, water color, bamboo sticks, and oil paint.  Finally, we put it all tog