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December 26, 2010 And the snow came. A white blanket has laid to rest the rusty leaves and brown grass. For a moment the world is new like spring and the children are bursting through the door ready to dance and play in the fresh powder. And this is the icing on the cake. Really. Christmas morning we woke up in the cabin and cuddled and ate eggs and bacon and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. The children talked and ate and loved the crisp air. It took them awhile to remember their presents and that while was the perfect Christmas morning. We spent the afternoon at Jessica's getting ready for dinner with the family. My sweet grandparents came. Old and frail. My grandpa doesn't really know us. He loves the dog and the good food and the warm fire and the carols. He loves the children's games and antics. He is like a child. My grandmother is there to. Resting in her wheelchair, eyes wide as we place a plate full of Christmas treats in front of her. The cousins open gifts but th