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Noise and Christmas Music

       We went for a walk to find "heaven and nature singing". It wasn't hard. It was underneath our bare toes on the gravel roads. We collected leaves, flowers, berries, stems, pine cones and more. We came back home and talked about how they are life and light right here with us "nature singing". We glued the treasures on paper and mailed them to friends and family that the children wanted to share their work with. It doesn't feel very Christmasy here as we haven't put up a tree. We are waiting until we get to Georgia next week. We pulled out the beautiful olive wood manger scene and put all of the pieces in place. We hung some pine cones by golden ribbon and cut out some snow flakes. The air is warm and balmy. We've had a little rain and a lot of being sick. More than anything, we've had music. We listen to carols. The children dance to "Angels We Have Heard On High" over and over again. Amelia is a painter and a fiddler, not

Bibs By Boggs

At the Boggs' house, we have some serious spills happening on a regular basis. From meal time to paint projects to brewing hour, splashing is happening. Drooling, dripping, swishing, spilling, slipping, dipping, spraying. Our clothes seemed to be getting a bit worn and splotchy. I caught myself wiping my hands on the sides of my pants while I was in the kitchen. I made so bibs to start with and then an apron for meal time prep. That is how it started. I've had a blast making some seriously cute bibs. A friend asked if I could create an apron for her little one for Christmas and I couldn't believe how quickly it came together! My grandmother sewed a lot and I have always wanted sew and now it is just coming to me every day!  If you and your clan or someone you know has a drooler, spiller, splasher, or dripper, then these bibs will make the perfect gift. If you would like to order a bib or two or three or an apron -- send me a message here in the comment

Down In December

The flu struck us pretty hard here about two weeks ago. George Wilder was the first one attacked, then Amelia and now George. We are still fighting off some infections and some fevers. We are so very ready to be healthy. Sickness sucks. It does. It sucks the life right out of little creatures and big ones. We've sat on the couch a lot. We've watched movies at midday. I've seen the walls of the grocery and the house and that is it for two weeks. They are closing in. It is lonely to be quarantined. We are ready to travel and visit with friends and family for the holidays. We've started packing and will head out soon. So ready to look at the sun high in the sky and roads and stores.  It is sure easy to think how dreadful this is, but we've not reached scary or super sick.