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Green Garden In November

 Green and luscious. Huge. Giant beans. Giant flowers. Huge lavender. Squash plants in mass. Lettuce. Greens. Collards. Seeds go in the ground and magic happens. Friends come to help shell beans.  Fall comes with color. Bright red beets. Deep pink radishes. Massive collard leaves. Rows of greens. Turnips. Lettuce. Arugula. Kale. Mustard greens. Beets. Beans. Cilantro. It all grows and grows. Sun. Rain. Warm. We eat and eat and eat greens. Again and again. Seeds in the ground. Plants grow. We eat more than we can stand and share with friends.

Cousin Visit

Cousin time. We waited for months for this visit. Eight kids determined to make every second count. Two moms turning laundry and meals at a racing pace. Two dads getting into incredibly involved projects that were wonderful and interesting. So, not a lot of pictures. It was too much for that. George taught Micah how to harvest honey. He couldn’t have done it without him. The cousins taught George Wilder how to rip stick. We made play dough. We played with play dough. We shelled beans. We worked in the garden. We went for bike rides and hikes. We went to the springs to visit the alligators and birds. All twelve of us took a boat ride down the river. We were two families and twelve people and water and animals and space. It was beautiful and breezy. All but mamas swam in the springs. Kiddos helped with an archeological dig right there at the springs. We ate greens from the garden. We ate more greens from the garden. We ate salad and beans and greens.