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Hello and Goodbye In Georgia

We packed in a flash. If I thought for a second about what we were doing, then we would have missed it all. One bag of clothes and shoes, a bouncy seat, a bag of diapers and wipes, six people – one just 8 weeks old, and a dog. There was snow coming to Georgia, there was a grandmother and granddaddy that had not met their Hannah, and George’s grandmother was now under the care of hospice and we knew her time was near. We headed north at noon and just prayed we could boogie and get there before snow, before baby cried too long, before a last breath. We did it. We surprised grandparents with their Hannah. Such a sweet moment – right there in the cozy warm house. Grandmother was finally holding her littlest grandchild, Hannah, just barely awake and cuddly. It brought a joyful relief in the midst of death knocking and pain in backs and cold outside.   It was right to be there and it was warm inside and cold outside. The snow came by morning. We put on clot