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Consistent and Constant Hannah

" Side angles seem to best capture her intensity. This angle slices through the middle the continual enthusiasm, words, activity, excitement, intensity, drive, and planning our Hannah brings with the bright sunrise — every day. Recently she shot up from her long afternoon nap and declared, “I have a plan!”  Currently her plan involves a great deal of swimming and eating and cooking and drawing and playing.  She will ask, “Can I play? Of course we eagerly encourage her to play. She often seems more eager to do exactly what we are doing, which is lovely, except when it isn’t.  “Can I play with my baby doll?” We enthusiastically direct her to baby dolls. She will ask, “Can I obey?” You would think we wouldn’t have much to do because my two year old already has her life planned out and begs us to obey; but for some reason, it is really exhausting. Maybe it is because we are laughing all the time.  She likes to eat “moosies” - smoothies. She likes to draw “Nakes”