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Epic Adventure: Part Three

Exhaustion hit in the early a.m. in Montana. We found a spot to camp in a road side camping area, but they had showers. Clean and rested, we set out for Beartooth Pass. The Beartooth Highway is part of U.S. Route 212 in Montana and Wyoming between Red Lodge and the Northeast entrance of Yellowstone. It has been called “the most beautiful drive in America.”  Agreed. Also slightly intense with narrow roads hanging onto the mountain and winding round and round and showing us one breath taking view after another. If you ever have a chance, take this road. Make sure that you have ample time and don’t go unless it is between May and October because the volumes of snow that fall there each year keep it closed most of the time. We had a glorious morning soaking in view after view. The boys used a rubbermaid lid as a makeshift sled after discovering sledding was in fact possible and hunted hills that were steep enough for a ride; yet not too treacherous. There were snow