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No Solutions Manual

There is no formula. Every child has their very own built in processing devices. This brain of theirs  just doesn't have a solutions manual to go with it. Their brains are distinctly wired. The wires that keep us on our toes and take our energy and make us mad and laugh and grieve and grow and pull and push and giggle and love fiercely. We have four humans. Each with a unique set of wires. They keep us on our toes. One child needs a time out. One child needs an extra job--a big one, one needs to write a letter, the other needs to hear a song, another -- we sit criss cross apple sauce across from each other and hold hands and talk it through, and kumbaya. And this is just when we have a need to reset, reconnect, correct. There is the every day: Chores. Games. Learning. Communicating. Keeping Clean. Keeping Going. There is the long term: Attitude, Beliefs, Awareness, Thoughtfulness, Forgiveness, Alertness. William. He needs all of it. A lot. The job, the talk, the song, the t

Friends and Forts

We came to the farm. Friends met us here. The best friends. The ones that build extensive fort systems. The ones that won't stop until every last branch is perfectly placed and all nuts have been collected to keep everyone fed for the long harsh winter fast approaching and the rocks have been situated. All things gathered, and prepared. If time allowed they would create a system of life and a job for everyone in the village. The hunter, the gatherer, the communicator, the leader, the cleaner, the builder. They have loved this play for years and years. Where ever they are they do this. There is something for everyone to do and everyone to enjoy. We check on them to make sure all is well and they visit us when their bellies talk back and their thirst wins. We haven't lived in the same place for five years, but our hearts are woven together tight with twigs and rocks and coffee and tea and walks and conversation and knowing and love and a well used pause button that freezes time