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Riding Out The Hurricane

Hurricane Michael hit us harder than we had expected. We knew about it on a Sunday. He grew on Monday, and again on Tuesday. We spent all of Tuesday preemptively cutting down dangling limbs, picking up flotsam and jetsam, nailing down this and that, moving equipment into open space away from trees, collecting gas at stations at weird hours, making sure the generator worked, making sure we had water, food, and supplies. By Wednesday, we new it was going to hit us and we had to decide whether to stay or go. We watched and waited and weren’t sure what to do. We finally decided to stay. All morning, with the first winds and rain, we did laundry, baked, cleaned, watched the news and watched the trees.  By eleven, I was ready to GET OUT! This storm suddenly didn’t seem like the sort of a storm to ride out. Big weather stations talked like Tallahassee was going to be flattened, but a local weather man, stayed focused and calm and explained in clear details that the storm wa