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Proof and Pig Yoga

Proof. Proof that George is a master at meeting people and connecting with them and through them and creating community, eliminating waste and practicing resourcefulness. Proof - a local brewery, produces really nice beer. Beer is made from grain. The grain that has been used is called spent grain.  It's trash to a brewery. It's food for pigs! Pigs dig it. So, once a week, George collects a friend's truck and a large container. He heads to the brewery and they load him up with spent grain. He brings it home, unloads it and the pigs are in hog heaven. The chickens dig it too. We buy a lot less feed and the brewery has a lot less waste to deal with. Proof that if you figure out what you need and what other people need and how you can help each other, then you can make moves to help out our world. And the pigs. Yes, we have pigs plural. Three. Bronte, Cyprus, and Superior. Names picked by the children. Bronte is glad to have friends and we are hoping she and Cypru

Honey Harvest

 We’ve watched them for a year. Carrying pollen from the flowers - wobbly as they land on the hive heavy with yellow powder. We watched them cover their entrance at night to protect their queen and their work. We’ve checked on them and marveled at their swift comb creations. We’ve added space for them to build and expand. We’ve been stung. We’ve danced with them at the pool. That’s where they like to come for an afternoon drink. Our dear friend Bobby, master bee keeper, has educated George and the children and eased our concerns and smiled at the progress and located the queen when we were sure she’d taken off. The smell grew stronger and stronger. When the breeze blew, the smell of honey drifted through the yard.  Honey Harvest. George and the children did it. I took a trip to see my family with Hannah and when I came back, they had six gallons and saved the last so I could see how it worked. It is beautiful and tedious and complicated and full of