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Our Very Very Fine House

 Our house. Yes. Ours. Our pool that needs to be shocked and cleaned and scrubbed and vacuumed. Now, we can see the bottom, but we can't swim in it yet. Our barn that is piled with trash and has termite damage. Our garage, covered in mildew. Our house that needs electrical work and leveling and painting and updating. Our shed that is full of stuff that should be burned (the stuff not the shed). Our BBQ pit that needs some fixing. It's five acres. We will have some animals. It has a muscadine grove and pear trees and plum trees and peach trees and pasture for a cow or something that eats grass (we have plenty). It is full of light and character and sunshine and breeze and trees dripping with spanish moss. Climbing trees, tall pine trees, the fruit trees. The place is just amazing. I've loved it from the minute we opened the backdoor with our key. Already, my dad and George have fixed the electricity and leveled the house. We've become friends with the people at Ho