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I'm Ready For That Epidural

I’m one of those moms that practiced a natural birthing method with all of my kids. I’ll proudly tell you about all four labors if you ask. It was pretty easy, in a weird sort of way. I studied up on what to expect and George did a great job as a labor coach and partner and baby catcher. There were no major complications and I felt great. After all four births, I had this euphoric experience as a brand new life joined us, and without an issue, each one suckled like a champ. If I close my eyes, I can go back to those hours in the hospital, and I can play it back minute by minute. With the exception of a long long wait on William, I loved my labors and I’m proud of the kids and of George and I. A few days ago, as I walked to the mailbox on an extremely hot, humid afternoon with two overly fussy children, I thought I would not hesitate to ask for a ride to anywhere from the next person that drove by. We were dealing with an “I’m telling Mom!” faze at our hou