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Epic Adventure Part 5 - A Sweet Sorrow

Now that we were in Washington, we had some serious exploring to do. We had a long list of places and people to share with the children. Fifteen years earlier, we'd done the same, and part of our hearts stayed nestled and now we were there to hug necks and share the beauty with the kids. The day was perfectly glorious for a ferry ride from Seattle to Kingston. We went straight to Ivars for clam chowder in a bread bowl and chatted with strangers in line for the boat. Hannah was not impressed with the boat. She was sure we had left our van. While George and the kids traipsed around on dock, Hannah and I went below deck to see the van was safe and sound and wait with Ocala. It was late in the day and we were headed toward Kingston. My heart and mind wrestled with the sweet sorrow that was ahead. We were driving towards a very dear place to my heart. When George was teaching at a tiny school in Bremerton, Washington, he taught alongside Karen Hanson. George had told me