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Thirteen Mondays

There are thirteen Mondays from now until the Boston Marathon. It will be the third time I line up with herds of humans to run 26.2 of the most coveted miles on the planet. And this is the crazy thing. I'm a mom with four kids. I look like a skinny turtle-chicken when I run and I'm posting a picture to prove it. I don't train the right way because I don't like rules and I sort of just make up my plan as I go.  There are at least two marathons that I lined up for and I had only run 14 miles as my "distance training"-- but I was in my 20s and there wasn't a lot of easy to access information about the importance of training. But my body begs me for miles and I give in because I can and for that I am forever glad.                 For my entire life I've loved running. There are very few miles in the 1000s of miles I've pounded out that I did not want to be running and I probably found out the next day that I was pregnant. Yes, you now definitely

Who Is Your Hero?

Who is your hero? I’ve had a pile of heros in my life. Women with "I can do anything" attitudes and men that were invincible -- Michelle Akers. Mia Hamm. Brandi Chastain. Runners. Eric Liddell. Paula Radcliff.   I can’t ice skate. It’s ugly and no one should ever see that happen ever, but Debbie Thomas -- I think she was every child’s hero during the 1988 olympics and we all wanted to ice skate. There are others. John Steinbeck. His cha racter and story development suck me into another world. Corrie ten Boom - she survived concentration camps with joy! They are my heroes. Heros are people that are not afraid and if they are they stare it down until it breaks to pieces. People that overcome hardship and rise above the world beating them down are heroes. People that seek truth and don’t stop till they have it. My hero.  I recently watched the documentary on Alex Honnold. He solo, free climbed El Capitan. A tremendous feat of will power, strength and me