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Ungraceful Moves

Graceful isn't a word I would use to describe much of anything in my life -- running maybe. Never took ballet, never went to finishing school. Haven't done much of the formal and if I have it has been a slip shod, fumbling, bumbling crisis. I like intensity, but finding something to like about this intense moving project is a bit of a challenge. This thing -- this monster of a move requires detailed arrangements. George and I are not good at detailed arrangements. We decided to move on Memorial Day weekend, but we didn't even know it was a holiday when we planned this. Not much looking at calendars around here.  So, it went down. The truck looked like Tom Joad packed it. The house looked like we hadn't really moved out. Our friends have let us crash at their place along with a good deal of our stuff. Currently, our pitch fork, vacuum cleaner, espresso machine, breast pump, bird feeder, and various food and clothing items are at the Okie's. Our other carseat, dog f