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Christmas Ponderings

Christmas preparations become Christmas traditions: Ginger bread houses. Finding the tree. Making ornaments. Decorating the tree. Making snowflakes. Lots of candles. Advent devotions. The manger scene. Christmas shopping. Christmas music. Running to the mailbox hoping for another bundle of Christmas Cards. Baking. A large unnecessary project Making plans to visit family Christmas light hunts Parties Egg Nogg Count down chain Nine trips the grocery in 24 hours Lots of little pieces and December is full Full of light and life and stories and memories It is important, and daily, we remain expectant. Waiting on the day. Something coming.  Something arriving. Someone arriving. It was a long build up, this waiting for the Christ child. When the garden of perfection grew wild with weeds and thorns, the wait began. A worldwide flood. Miracle children. Seas opening wide Giants killed with rocks. People healed. People kil