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Lemon Ms

Our William has starting doing a good bit of talking. Talking is actually an understatement. He is imagining, reasoning, laughing, telling jokes, imagining some more, acting out, discussing opportunities, politics, and economic reform. In the morning, he is out the door with his boots on. "I feeding chitchins." He tags along and hopes that Amelia will give him a job. He lingers with George, "I worting with Daddy!" "We worting!" "We building." If we are at the store. He wants to run the entire transaction at the counter and discuss his hair and age with the clerk. "How many dollars?" "I'm two." He has discovered that obeying brings a lot less pain in his life. He will think about disobeying, change his mind and shout, "Horray, I obey!" Thanks Missy for writing that book. It has changed William's outlook on obedience. And when he forgets about the joy of doing right, he gets very frustrated and is

Sleeping Porch

   George felt like the constant cool breeze blowing through the front porch meant we needed a bed out there. He used his persuasive powers regularly working on a new angle and working on me. He even found a series of articles about fancy sleeping porches and how it is making a “come back”. Of course, the children think this idea is brilliant. I’m sure it was a tactic. And he wasn’t going to take "No" for an answer. Well, I’m not Martha Stewart, but I’m sure that a sleeping porch doesn’t involve throwing a box spring and mattress in the corner of the porch. Well, we rescued an old bed frame and spruced it up with a coat of paint. Paint spruces up everything around here, including a bed – for the porch! It still needs some pillows and a hanging plant above it, but for now, we are going to have to make a sleeping porch schedule. George says we should just put more beds on the porch.  We’ll make a schedule. And in the mean time. . . It’s piece by piece and one