Sleeping Porch

 George felt like the constant cool breeze blowing through the front porch meant we needed a bed out there. He used his persuasive powers regularly working on a new angle and working on me. He even found a series of articles about fancy sleeping porches and how it is making a “come back”. Of course, the children think this idea is brilliant. I’m sure it was a tactic. And he wasn’t going to take "No" for an answer. Well, I’m not Martha Stewart, but I’m sure that a sleeping porch doesn’t involve throwing a box spring and mattress in the corner of the porch. Well, we rescued an old bed frame and spruced it up with a coat of paint. Paint spruces up everything around here, including a bed – for the porch! It still needs some pillows and a hanging plant above it, but for now, we are going to have to make a sleeping porch schedule. George says we should just put more beds on the porch.  We’ll make a schedule.

And in the mean time. . . It’s piece by piece and one more thing at Home Depot and a dip in the pool and back at it again. Friends help with tin roofing. The George and the children built a storybook loft in the barn.  Amelia rocks and reads to the hum of the saw and bang of hammer. I bring the crew breakfast in the barn.

George builds and digs. We tear apart and put back together. Shift, move, toss, recycle. Eat. Lots of water. Lots of Gatorade. And lots of PBR.

I wipe wall paper glue off the walls for an eternity and pick out paint colors for an eternity and Aunt Mary paints for an eternity and the room is beautiful and cozy and perfect. She is an angel.  The children sing sweetly with Aunt Mary while waiting for dinner.

We’ve got things to finish. The windows need painting. Rooms need painting. Slow progress especially as the heat kicks in.
We love every minute of it. We love the in and out of friends and help and pizza by the pool and pasta on the front porch (not in the bed) and Mexican at the table.

And there is a squash in the garden! It is coming together. 


  1. Love seeing it all come together! Excited about getting down there later this Summer...


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