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She Weaves

Her hand holds a pencil, a paint brush, a tool, a piece of grass, leaves, paper, egg shells, fabric, paints, broken pieces of something, beads, string, yarn, branches, mud, earth - anything she can harvest, collect, or gather. She looks around her — watching. She is thinking - thinking of a plan.  She will strip the tender bark off privet and weave it into a basket. She will take the stringy pieces from a dying palm branch and braid it into long strands of twine.  She will crush rocks for colors, boil mango skins with onion peels for a certain paint hue.  She sees color combinations with colors I do not even see.  She asks questions at the living history ranch -  How do you make the bead designs?” Weeks later, she disappears into her bedroom and returns with pieces of paint brush, scissors, a ruler and an egg collecting basket fashioned into a loom and shows us her bead work.  She weaves beauty, nature and art into her world. As she grows, her ideas a