Eleven Mondays: Out And Back

Most every run these days is an out and back. There are not that many loops around here -- or side roads for that matter; therefore, running involves heading out for a certain number of miles and turning around and coming back. This might seem like an excruciatingly long boring way to log miles, but it is also the way to guarantee miles. Because, not matter what, I can't quit or I'm stuck. I can't cut corners, I can't give up. The choice is made in the first part of the run. The choice is made at mile three to go six, at mile six to go twelve.  And every up hill guarantees a down hill and every down hill -- up you go on the way back. On my last long run, by the time I made it to mile seven, I knew I'd made it -- 14 miles was in the bag. Because there was no sitting down. There was no quitting - there was only moving. To get back home, to be done, I had to move and run those seven miles!

I didn't start by running seven miles out. I started with two. You can start with half a mile, a quarter of a mile, the end of the driveway! There is a way out of the slump. There is a way out of the frustration of the not getting it done. The not deciding to move, to do a project, to talk to a neighbor, to ask for forgiveness, to write that letter, to put up that phone, to save that money, to learn something new. Because once you're out there, once you've made a move -- no matter how small, you can keep going and you're half way there! 

I'm the queen of not making the move out. Getting out of my comfort zones. No way. Not gonna happen. There are lots and lots of comfort zones that I do NOT want to leave. No way am I getting out of this place of complacency, no way am I going to get out of this funk of worry and fear and anxiety and dread. No way am I going to make that phone call. Heck no, I will not attempt to figure out how to do this task, the project, this self control ... it is going to be too hard. Too much energy and effort. What if I fail???? Fear of failure weighs me down. I might be able to run all day, but I do not want to get out of a lot of places. 

So today, ladies and gentleman, get up and get out. Move. Move from the place that says you can't to a place that says you can. It can be just a few steps, but take them. Don't take the route that allows for short cuts or quitting! Just keep moving out! I'm right there with you. Let's move!


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