Break Down

 Moving means things are not where they should be. They are not what they should be. They are not when they should be. So meals and toys and tools are displaced and misplaced. So, when I heard her cry, I knew that it wasn't because someone had taken something from her or told her she couldn't do something or looked at her sideways. She was in pain. She was really in pain. We looked closely at the leg that had met the ground under the bar of a plow attachment. It wasn't swollen. It wasn't cut. So we waited to see if she would walk on it and she didn't. Off to Quick Care, then the Children's Hospital of Atlanta, and then the orthopedist. Because it was broken. It is broken. So slow down. Be still. Wait. Be a bridesmaid. And she is being so so brave. Not grumpy. Just finding new ways to play and participate. She is out of the cast and into a boot. She can take a bath and sleep without it and for that we are all so very glad.


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