Sweet William Is Seven

William. Seven this year. He is rhythm and blues. Give that boy a beat and he is dancing. Keep the day moving and he is bopping along. Have an adventure and he is present and ready and steady. Important jobs that involve tools, working hard, working the tractor with daddy,  cooking scrambled eggs and even washing the dishes - he is on it and rocking. 

He loves hard and lives aware of the awesomeness around him, especially if it involves his brothers and sisters. He is fiercely loyal and full of energy. In one hand he holds his dear stuffed animals with tender kindness, while in the other, he has a bag full of empty bullet shells from trips to the shooting range with his dad. He is ranger, soldier, hunter, and protector. He is cuddly, gentle, and feels all the feelings.

On Veterans Day, George read the kids a poem about a soldier that lost his legs in WWI. William was listening to his daddy sing the song and I watched his face move to deep sorrow until tears were running down his face and he appeared to be in pain. It was as if that man in the song were his own friend that had lost a leg. 

He weeps over the loss of our animals and congratulates daddy on awesome opossum kills. He will spend an hour pouring over a thick history book filled with pictures of ancient relics. He is reading but not strong enough to read the history pages. He asks such good questions about what he sees. 

He asks good questions in general. He asks great tactical questions, questions about a meal being cooked, how someone will get something accomplished, and what is going to happen next. 

He doesn’t love to sit still for very long. He loves to hear stories and listen to music and dance. He loves to be in the middle of it all. If you can’t find them there, then he has build himself a shelter somewhere in the house or out near a tree or barn and is on a great adventure, project, or journey. 

He is our sweet William. He is seven.


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