Hannah Is Four

Hannah. She is four. You don’t have to ask her. She will tell you. We didn’t know that she had in her mind that turning four was going to change her world. To her, turning four meant that she could do about anything. She rides her bike without training wheels — all the time! She collects eggs. She wants to read and write and count. She watches my mouth to learn songs and asks me to sing them over and over. She feels like she is growing everyday and measures her growth to our belly buttons and is sure she is nearly as tall as we are. She asks every child how old they are and then tells them in great detail that she is four. 

She is very caring of creatures and babies. She has quite a collection of stuffed animals that she is feedings, putting to bed, carrying in bags, teaching, singing, talking, walking. They are always with her. 

She loves food. She talks about it. She eats often and happily. She wants to bake and cook and be very present in the kitchen. 

Hannah’s vocabulary is bigger than her actual knowledge of words. She uses them and talks about practicing using them. She says, “Definitely is a great word, I’m practicing saying “definitely”. And she does.

She is full of joy and apparently joy is loud. She is quite loud and always has something to say. 

She likes fancy and sparkles and stars and unicorns and pink and painted finger nails and lotion and sweet smells and fixed hair and earrings and high heels. 

She gives us reports of all the happenings around her world. Recently, she discovered a sick cow and quickly reported the incident to us. Ultimately, her reporting saved the cows life. We’ve named her, “Hannah Good Spot.” 

This is our Hannah.



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