The JUST ONE THING Challenge

The “Just One Thing” Challenge

My resolution list was getting a bit long. Obviously there are several areas in my life that need a little tweaking, adding, subtracting, or multiplying. I like the focus that New Year’s resolutions offer and I’m pretty good at keeping up with my resolves, but I will say that this year, my list is endless. All of the things!  I want to do something to focus on taking better care of the world, better care of the people around me, better care of my spirit, my soul, and my body, better care of my family, and better care of my relationships. I can say "better care" but that isn't specific and can easily slide through the cracks - nice words that don't have a clear action.

In general, nothing we do just happens in an instant. We have to build to achieve. We study, we practice, we train, we save. Each bit adds up. Starting can be hard, but not if we just put one foot in front of the other and at least try. Try to train for a race, try to loose weight, try to learn a language, to give more, to save more, to spend less, to drink less, to travel more, to try something new — the list is endless. 

So this year, I’m going to break it down by months. I’m going to try and focus on adding one thing and taking one thing away each month. I want to take time to reflect on each attempt. Did I absolutely fail, or was it a smashing success? 

I would love company on my journey this year. It makes it all the more fun and keeps us all going. So, if you are up for it — JOIN ME!

I’d love to hear and maybe even share the story of your journey. The more we share our journeys with each other, the less alone we will feel as we walk through this world. The MORE hope we have, the less perfect we have to be!

I’ll go first. I’ll keep you updated on the progress. Keep me updated on yours! 

Here it goes!!!

January —

Taking away alcohol:

To start with -- it’s been a pretty intense party season. I’ve had a lot of really delicious wine and other lovely beverages filled with alcohol. I want to take a break in January from the drinks. So, no alcohol in January. I’m not going completely dry. My goal is to cut it way back by not buying any alcohol and attempting not to drink it during the week. 

Adding words:

This one has a few layers. I want to add words of affirmation and kindness. Words to bring encouragement to everyone around me. I can tend to be a complainer. I want to say words that uplift and encourage. I also tend to not say words that need to be said, so I’m going to try and use my words with more clarity. Finally, I love to write. I’ve always loved to write and I don’t take time to do it. This month, my goal is journal, blog, letter write, and “Thank You” write regularly. 

There it is! I'll let you know how it goes and come on an join me! Take the “Just One Thing” Challenge! It’s gonna be a good year!


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