Slow Down In Suches

Our summer adventure wasn’t what we had planned. We were ready to see more of the grand country and weave our way to Washington, but we unexpectedly lost a large part of life in May when George’s father, Jim passed away. Our heavy grief  weigh on us and made it hard to think far and wide. We wanted to stay close and tight. 

Finally, we decided on a plan that took us as far as Colorado to be with George’s sister and her family. We took time at the farm caring for cows and spending time with grandmother before we took some time as a family at our sweet friend’s cabin in Suches, Georgia to slow down and settle in to a much needed rest. 

The power of the pause fell over all of us. We cuddled in the cool, collected gifts from the forest, hiked the creeks, swam the lakes, read books, drew, wrote, napped, and washed in the quiet of the forest. 

As time slowed in the woods, even the sun shining through the trees onto bumpy bark of an old fallen tree drew us in.

William tossed a baseball to himself over and over, Amelia found things to weave, skinny snakes, wild raspberries, and flowers. George Wilder climbed up and over rocks and hiked the creeks. 

Our hearts are heavy. We miss Jim terribly. Navigating life without our granddaddy is hard. This time gave us a change to simply be present in this world. We are so thankful for the slow down in Suches. 


  1. I really enjoyed my brief visit with you during the Suches leg. That evening, Hannah called to me to come see something! I paraded down where she and Emelia were hovered over a log near the fire ring. Hannah pointed to 4 really large, snails—— Now carefully lined up single file in a slow-drama snail march. We marveled! Then she asked....”which one do. You think is the biggest???” After some thoughtful comparison and analysis, I said “I don’t know.....maybe they are quadruplets ?! She indignantly looked at me like I was an idiot and announced loudly NO! They’re SNAILS!!!


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