Seven Bridges With Seven Kids

We had a magnificent time in Colorado with the Border’s clan. It is always sweet to be with them. We thought we would find a fun hike but we had some things to consider. We would be hiking with seven children between the ages of three and eighteen (so not even a child actually), we had to aim for something that wasn’t too easy and wasn’t too difficult. We decided on a hike called “Seven Bridges”. We thought we could make it as far as we could and enjoy the water as we went. With three adults tagging along, we let the kiddos lead us on the trail. We made it over four and thought - okay, “one more” but they kept right on all the way to the seventh bridge. They didn’t want to stop for a picnic until we were there. The day was hot and grand. Right at the seventh bridge, we paused and played and splashed and climbed before heading back down the mountain. Rain came and cooled us just at the right time. 


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