A Day On The Colorado River

When sweet friend April says she can take us rafting on the Colorado River, we say, “Yes, please!” 

We weave our way to Golden, nine thousand feet high and take in the scenery and visit and sleep.  Early in the morning I run the roads in the thin air touching the sky. We load up boats and gear galore and pack snacks and water and find bathing suits and shoes and all the things for rafting. White water rafting is a new and curious world to all of us. A world full of waterproof bags, ropes, carabiners, life jackets, first aid packs, air pumps, oars, sunscreen, hats, and patience.

We drive and wind and drive our way to the river. We set out the boats, fill them tight with air and set the gear. There is a rhyme and reason to all the moves, so we watch and learn and help April tediously prepare the boats that we all know will lead to a superb ride. 

The sun beats down and we lather on the sunscreen. We dig for sunglasses and hats and long sleeves while George and April set up the shuttle. We eat apples and hummus and carrots on a shady rock with our feet in the water to stay cool and watch a muskrat dive for his lunch. 

George and April return. We talk safety. We talk about the personality and the geography of the river. Finally, we are floating. 

Walls of rock reach high around us. The water is swift and gentle. We ride slow, then quick. We practice and learn how to maneuver each eddy. 

We cool off in the water and watch trains rush by high above us. 

All day we float. We snack, we float. We soak in a hot spring. We float. We row. We swim. 

Hannah hides on the big water and nearly dozes off to sleep as we finish our day on a gentle swift current at the end of the ride. 

All that we have set into place must return into each storage box ready to use on the next ride. We learn to open valves and release air and refold a giant raft and kayaks. We roll up ropes and collect gear. We carefully work backwards and reload the truck.  

We wind and drive our way back to the van and the back home again. But now, we’ve been on the river. We’ve rafted on white water. We’ve experienced a new world. Sleep falls on the littles. 

Thank you April for giving us your day and a day on the water.


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