Farm Trips With A Twist

The early morning sunrise gives just enough light for a run before the heat pushes us inside. It's quiet out, except for the birds. The land is going to push out piles of cotton, but for now they are tiny plants waiting on the sun and the rain. Back at the farm, the kids appear from upstairs, finished with their deep sleep and ready for breakfast, preparing to rock the day.

We used to spend our hours sitting on tractors imagining and pretending. Now they turn them on and make them go and mow the grass for Grandmother. They start the fire on the burn piles to help granddaddy. They crank up their motorbikes and zoom through the fields.

Hannah still imagines. Grandmother gives her cooking supplies and she creates a feast of flower petals and bird seed and leaves. Hannah keeps to the house, but the others are old enough to explore. We knew this day would come. Our farm trips are going to be different now with brave kids and motorbikes and things to do in the fields. Amelia still wants to wear her dress while she motors around on the mower and on the bikes. The farm is the same place, but George Wilder's cowboy dreams are more of a reality as he marches around in granddaddy's hats and helps with the work, Amelia knows all the flowers and the weeds and makes bouquets right away and William keeps up with the others.


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