Aunt Mary Gave Us The Beach

 At Christmas, Mary said she’d like to give us the beach for Christmas and we all said, “Yes!” to that and marked our calendars all the same. That doesn’t always work so easy, especially since George and I are not exactly calendar people. 

 We landed in Port Saint Joe at a perfectly fine place sandwiched between the highway and the water. The kids didn’t stop finding fun in drip sand castle cities, card games, puzzles, wave rides, and paddle boarding. They moved so fast, we could hardly keep up with their need for calories. 

 Uncle Joe joined us with his harmonicas and others picked up stringed instruments that made the trip which led to sweet musical moments. 

The kids settled in on a card game called, “Liar!” Throughout the day, there were loud “LIAR!” shouts followed with belly laughter and more shouts. 

 We ate on paper plates because that’s really easy and mowed through mountains of food. 

We had to dodge rain and wait on the grumpy clouds to pass over and on, but then we had glorious sun and warmth and water and the wind left us with great waves to body surf over and over and over again. We had to do family pictures, but it was going to be nearly impossible and perhaps lead to ill will towards one another if we tried to do much but start shooting pictures even through we didn't all get our hair brushed or matching clothes on. Or clothes for that matter, I'm pretty sure there are some in bathing suits. But, we now have updated family pictures or something that looks like a family picture. After Martha and the children left, we found adventures chasing crabs and singing more music and eating ice-cream that melted faster than we could slurp. Thank you Aunt Mary for giving us the beach for Christmas!!!


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