Hannah Has It

Hannah has two blankets. They are her Bs. One has monkeys on it and if you are really special, or she is feeling generous, she will share the monkey one with you for awhile. 

Hannah has several baby dolls. They come and go out of her life, but she has a real desire to care for them, which primarily means changing their diapers and pushing them and mach speeds in their strollers through the house. 

Hannah has a serious love for the trampoline. Clear off. She is on it and it is her turn. Hannah Turn!!! She jumps and jumps and flips and turns and loves a few rounds of “Ring Around The Rosy” if your up for it.

Hannah has a keen interest in William's affairs. He is 
Wii” She wants to know if he is ready for the day, if he has brushed his teeth, if he has had his super, if he is okay. She wakes up from her nap, “Wii?” She helps with William. So helpful she is…

Hannah has a strong desire to be in the middle of everything we are doing and loudly. 

Hannah has a massive vocabulary. She loves words. She plays with them. Some of her favorites are China, Zebra, Hallelujah, Baby Beluga. 

Baby Beluga. 

Hannah has a special love for Baby Beluga. 

Hannah has a sweet love for animals, especially dogs. She loved our Lucy and it is hard to see her not know where to find her and wonder where she is. 

Hannah has a lot of things she wants just so. She wants to have fresh clothes several times a day, especially if anything gets on them. She wants to know where everyone is and what everyone is doing. 

Hannah has two down and we are only one month in!!


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