George Wilder Is Nine

George Wilder. Our nine year old boy is fast as lightening, competitive, passionate, smart, determined, helpful, kind, gentle, a jokester, an actor, a musician, a friend, a farmer, and a real rascal.

He runs like the wind. 
He speeds along on his bike. 
He wants to always be in the front on bikes, on a hike, on a run. He wants to do every imaginable flip on the trampoline. 

He wants to do every card trick and card game and game and he will win — most of the time.

He loves to read and read and read. 

He is a fast learner. He hears it and he knows it.
He sees it and he knows it. He soaks songs up like an ol’ juke box. He is a library of songs just like his daddy. He will play a song over and over and over until he has it just right. 

We recently watched the broadway musical, Oliver. He has fallen in love with the characters and the story and the music. He dresses as a pick pocket or an orphan and sings the songs over and over. If you come over, be ready to listen because he will be ready to show you scenes from the play or sing you the songs.

And he decided the mandolin is his instrument. He will carry it with him in the car and sing to us as we boogie from here to there. 

He will wake up and hunker down on the floor with paper and pencil and come out with a poem or song. 

He sings ALL the time.

He has helped George through a giant house project with electrical work and leveling and screwing and sawing. He will work through tough moments and learn from it, even if his head is in the clouds when he starts. 

He takes care of the pigs everyday. Morning and night. He wants to know they have what they need and communicates with he daddy about where they need to be and what they should eat. 

He loves hamburgers and pizza and ham sandwiches.

He is a presence in our family. He is quiet, but then again, whatever he is doing is taking up space with song and sound and movement. 


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