William On Being Five

We start with Thanksgiving. Sometimes, William's birthday falls on Thanksgiving Day, but usually, we are still trying to finish off leftovers before we are making cake and celebrating William. George had a gig down in Apalachicola so we took a family trip to the beach thinking we would build sandcastles and have a picnic lunch as we watched the water. Within 30 seconds, William was diving through the water and dancing all about. That's our William.

He is five this year. A big day for him. Five feels big. Big smiles, big cries, big ideas, big trouble, big adventures, big imagination, big desires, big appetite.

He's such a strong spirit. He loves hard and thinks intensely. His desire to keep up with dinner conversations often leads him to miss eating his dinner when we are eating. Some nights, we send him to the porch with big tears and dragging feet, but every time dinner is gone and he is set to go.

He wants to be a storm trooper and a knight and a cowboy and a king and batman and superman and captain America and darth vader.

He is brave and strong. He's been riding a regular bike since three and has no trouble keeping up with us on bike rides. He can whip a frisbee and shoot targets with his BB gun (that one took some powerful training from Dad)

He loves to sing loud, really loud and filled with passion.

He's been wearing five for six weeks already and he isn't slowing down.


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