Hannah! China! Hannah turn! Baby doll!

Hannah hits a wall about 10:30 in the morning. She needs a snack and some serious dedicated attention. 

She helps herself to little tangerines about this time of day and 3-6 later, she’s ready to explore or do something specific and thoughtful. 

Picking flowers, planting seeds, picking greens, shelling peas, walking. . . Real things. This is not the time of day for blocks or dolls or books, it’s the time of day for real things. 

On day, I really didn’t have any ideas for what that time would look like. The pool often has worked as a real thing to do, but she is done with that and the water feels a little cold to her. 

So, I thought we might collect acorns. It worked! We hunted acorns for an hour and gathered them in a glass bowl for display. 

Besides needing time to do real things at 10:30 and eating pounds of oranges and food in general, Hannah loves words.

She rolls words around and plays with them. Recently, William and I were talking about China and Hannah starting chanting, “CHINA!” 

For awhile, anytime we pulled out maps to study, Hannah announced we were studying China. Now, when she is bored in the car, or at the table and looking for conversation, she yells, “CHINA!” "Hannah China!"

Hannah loves our Lucy and loves to climb trees and take baths in the Tubby. She has her blankets — 3 of them, which she calls Bs. 

She decided she was done with diapers at the beginning of September. When she told us she needed to go to the bathroom, I would say, “Quick, hurry!” Now, every time she needs to go to the bathroom, she says, “Pee, q-ick, hurry, pee pee, come on!”

She loves to “cook” and that means stirring and pouring lots of water everywhere. 
It is always Hannah's turn. "Hannah turn!"

She loves to run and she totally digs getting mail. Fortunately , she can’t tell that the mail I hand her has horrible things to say about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. 

She loves to draw and do her “work”.  When the kids are doing school work, she grabs writing utensils and paper and scribbles and scribbles. Sometimes, she scribbles on things like the walls and that isn’t as pleasant.

She loves her baby dolls. She doesn't like for them to wear clothes, she likes to change their diapers, feed them, and take them to the potty. She says, "Pabby doool Pappy dooool!"


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