Googling Symptoms Is Not Advised

I was feeling bad. 
I can’t really say what it was.
I just didn’t feel like myself.
Then things were happening like major cramping and pulling and pushing in my abdomen.
I was so uncomfortable.

Thought maybe I was dying. Then I googled it and google confirmed it was probably just ovarian cysts. 

So, I went with my self diagnosis to the doctor and he said I was wrong - shocker!

My uterus wasn’t happily situated anymore after carrying four very large babies. The doctor said I would feel a lot better if he took it out. 

He took it out. 

Right before I had surgery, a few women who had experienced the same thing told me they felt so much better afterwards. They said, “It was the best thing they ever did.” They said, “I didn’t even know how bad I felt…”

Now I say all those things. 

The healing process was horrible. Pain and more pain and exhaustion and weakness.

My mom came and spent 10 days doing all the things I do. I sat and watched and slept. It was rest my body has been begging me for for 12 years. 

I had to let go of all the things I want to do and look at that needs to be done. But, I couldn’t do it and I didn’t and life went on and my friends fed us delicious meals and took the kids to play and took them to their things. 

I wasn’t sure this was what I wanted to do.  It seemed like a big move, to take out a body part and I would have to give up running for a good while and holding Hannah for two weeks and taking the trash to the road too. But, I'm so glad that I did. I do feel a lot better. And as I healed, I did find google helpful at times. Like, pineapple is a really good and soothing food to eat when one is healing from a hysterectomy. But then there were a few times I didn't get great advice and thought I would be in bed for the rest of my life. 

And, of course, with all changes in life, there are lessons to take from them. I've learned how important rest is. I've started resting more during the day. I don't push myself to go until I fall over. I stop and read or close my eyes. And I've learned that googling definitions and cool stuff with the kids is really cool, but googling health symptoms is not advised.And the kids really like taking the trash to the road!


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