Picking Up Poop

Finally, I’m pushing play after a huge pause on collecting stories and photos. My computer slowly fell apart as did my desire to write. Yesterday, I received a gift — a new computer. I don’t want to waste a second so, here we go!

Picking Up Poop

Who has an accordion? We do! Of course we do. We are the dog pound for instruments. Someone finds an old banjo in their attic — take it to the Boggs! Someone sees a guitar at a garage sale that needs fixing up — the Boggs! Someone couldn’t keep a piano at their coffee shop any longer — the Boggs! 

So that’s how we have an accordion. It’s never been played, except maybe by an inquisitive child that realized within seconds that it was really to bulky to do much with. It sits on the floor by the window with our instrument pile. It has made the perfect stool for Hannah to stand on so she can see out the window. 

Hannah recently started potty training. She loves it. She went straight for the toilet. None of those little plastic potty training seats for her. She just hops up on the toilet and goes. The best way to help this happen with ease is to let her air it all out and walk around bare bottomed. Potty training does mean that she isn’t totally trained.

One morning after breakfast, Hannah dismissed herself to roost on the accordion and watch the morning activity from her perch. Suddenly there was quite an uproar and a bit of fear in her voice followed by squeals, “Poop, Poop!” 

Right there on top of the accordion sat a perfect pile of poop. It was easy to remove and sanitize with a clorox wipe and Hannah was consoled and directed to the potty.

Yes, we own an accordion. I have also cleaned poop out of that accordion's folded air bag. That probably hasn’t happened to many times.


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