Good News Challenge

 Why are we copying and pasting and linking and looking for stories that pass on news of disease, divorce, destruction, death, conspiracy, jealousy, greed, inconsistencies, bad policies, hate, disease, and disgust.

We fill our hearts with anxiety and fear and live on the edge of our seats, waiting for the next atrocity to occur ready to point fingers and accuse. 

This simply creates a deeper divide between people and place and culture even within our own city blocks and it's boiling down to guns and fire and more hate and more of it all again the next day.
We are looking for the next bold large print with the next epic, unprecedented, tragedy. 

Good news. Is there good news? Look for it! Say it! Believe it! Find it! Shout it! Put it in big bold letters and highlight it in bright colors. JOY! LIFE! MUSIC! CREATE! So, I'm daring myself -- more like a challenge. Lay down my arms. Lay down my desire to scroll and flip and wait for the next installment of awful. 

I'm challenging myself to capture the beauty of this world and the sweet essence flowing out of this sweet life I've been given (and I'm not saying there aren't some tragedies. I just put a one inch lego piece on the counter that was causing a massive argument between brothers and this led to a complete breakdown from a little four year old. There was some serious wailing and gnashing of teeth associated with the incident). And if I come across a cool story or learn something new, I'm going to share it. Join me. I challenge you to not only look for, but also to only post positive stories and news for a week. Pass it along to everyone you know. Here we go! Here is my today...

 And here is my good news from the news! That's our William in a local newspaper!!!


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