Meet Malik The Coffee Roaster And Our Friday Crew.

Hello. My name is Maleek Cole. I’m your coffee roaster. When I’m roasting coffee, I feel free. When I am listening to music making the best coffee ever I feel like I can do whatever I want. When I’m here it’s like having a little sister and brother that I don’t have at home.

I learn new ways to make money and I learn new skills.

It is benefiting me because I’m learning about agriculture and nature.

 Every Friday a group of young men pile out of our old Subaru. George picks them up from school and brings them straight here. They unload their book bags, change their shoes and set to work. Maleek has been roasting eight pounds of coffee nearly every Friday for the last seven months. The smell of roasting coffee and the sound of Maleek jamming fill the air. George Wilder and William help him with weighing, filling bags, and labeling.
 Diante and Trejohn head straight for the gardens or wood piles. They team up with George and the kids stacking wood, pulling weeds, planting potatoes, transplanting new plants, planting seeds, harvesting beans and greens. We always look forward to Fridays.


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