This morning a friend popped in for a cup of coffee, a chat and to bring me a phone to replace my cracked, decrepit retangular device with an apple with a bite out of it on the back. That's about all that was left of it. We were chatting on the front steps soaking in the sun while Amelia sat and worked on some math problems. My friend is a graphic designer and photographer. She is passionate about taking beautiful paper and string and graphics and creating invitations, notecards, business cards, stamps, paper pads, and all things paper and designing beautiful presentations. When I've opened an invitation from Krysten, I feel like I need to sit down and have an experience with the texture and font and color and style. She gives thoughtful, beautiful, artistic presentation to paper and picture.

We were explaining presentation to curious Amelia in between math problems. She went on with her work and we moved on in our conversation.

This afternoon, we began our weekly writing assignment. Food reviews. We talked about how this writing is different than a poem or a book report. We were discussing what we see at Chic Fil A -- and hear and feel that makes it different than the Mexican restaurant or the local farm to table restaurant or Subway. We talked about the people and the food and the presentation.

Amelia said, "Like Krysten with paper, restaurants do it with food."

Revelation: Presentation. I want to teach my children presentation. Presentation of their lives, their work, their person, their friendship, their home, their studies, their projects, their ideas. Presentation. Do they convey "I don't care, it doesn't really matter, I'm bored, I'm tired, I'm more concerned about me." Or do they present - You are important. You are interesting. This is exciting. I'm ready to learn. I'm ready to go. Are they thinking - Who does this involve? Who does this impact? How can I help?

Then I thought about my life. How do I present? Am I presenting -- I'm tired, I'm annoyed. I'm stressed. Leave me alone. Get me out of here. Make it snappy. Don't bother me. Stay out of my way. I've got more important things to do.

Or do I present. I hear you. I see you. I love you. I'm listening. I'm here for you. I'm accepting you. I'm content.  I want you to feel at home. I want you to stay. I want you to experience rest. I hope you've found life and abundance and joy here. I'm hope you're belly and heart are full.

The way we set up our lives tell people just that. I want to use a season of my life to focus on presentation. To be honest, I've got to start with getting some more spoons. My spoons have widdled down to a handful and I'm always struggling to find enough when I've got a crowd. Not good presentation. . .

 It is February 29th. I'm glad for this extra February day to focus on presentation. I'm ready to present.


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