Plenty of Practice

She’s figured out where the eggs come from. She knows that we collect them in a basket and put them in cartons. She wants to do all of it. Her careful face leans in close to Amelia and begs for a chance to move an egg from the basket to the carton. And to see them all lined up! Hannah wants careful, but if we don’t stay right with her, she opts to dump and destroy. She’s practicing egg collecting taking simple steps with Amelia to guide them into their little spot. She’s Amelia’s little apprentice.

And the piggies are her friends. They trolley over to her to chat without much grumbling since they know she doesn’t bring them food yet. But she found an empty bucket, and worked with it from the porch to the pasture. In the quiet afternoon, there was a little tug and bump and lag of metal and leg and ground. She marched that bucket along the fence line looking for a place to give them imaginary feed.

 And when she had finished her job, Hannah stopped to chat.


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