Fascinated By Bubbles

 Bubbles. It started on George Wilder’s birthday. A friend brought his gigantic bubble maker. The kids danced around the yard whirling and twirling and tumbling after bubbles. They were mesmerizing and slightly terrifying as large as they were – that it was possible to see something otherworldly float before your eyes and hang there, silent and mystifying.

Exactly the kind of thing Amelia finds captivating. The next morning, she had out an old fishing pole and a stick and with the bubble solution our bubble making friend left behind, she set to work to create her own bubbles. We’ve been gifted several gallons of solution and all the kids have found multiple ways to create bubbles and bubble experiments. 
 George Wilder did a little research on bubbles and learned about their molecular structure. They have figured out that if you wear a rubber glove and cover it in wet bubble solution that you can stick your hand through a bubble and it won’t pop.

You’ll probably get a bubble show if you visit.



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