To Take A Picture

 I was thinking we could just throw on some blue clothes and snap a couple of photos underneath the tree in the pretty green grass, and magically we would have a perfect matte photo collage Christmas card pile in the mailbox waiting on the mailman to disperse among all of our beautiful friends all over the world before Christmas Day.

We found blue clothes. We started brushing hair. This was not as easy. William was pleased he didn’t have to be a part of this tangled mess. It actually involved some blow-drying for the humidity.

We wiped off faces. He did have to join in on that one. I forgot about feet.

They looked handsome sitting in the grass in a pile. Hannah’s attention was spot on and we were well on our way to the perfect shot.

That’s when I heard a gate rattling that shouldn’t be rattling. PIG OUT!!!

Well that was that. Amelia went into high gear directing all of us to action. Feed, ropes, hammers, nails, boards, more feed, finding holes in the fence. Chasing. Thinking. Scheming. In beautiful blue clothes and brushed hair. Hannah loved every minute of it. Of course I kept snapping pictures.

We made it back to the front yard, but we were not going to get another group shot.  I took 172 pictures. I think there are a few I can use…

Now we’ve got some great photos, but of course it requires a good bit of time to put them together and order and address and stamp.

 Christmas Greetings to you all. I sure hope you will get one from us in the mail, but at this rate, it might be an Easter card.


  1. So beautiful in blue with their red and blonde! I will wait for that card!


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