Florida In The Fall

Florida and Fall take a long time to meet each other. It is September 30 at 7:45 in the morning and it is incredibly humid and so very warm. I think that the air is actually moldy.

We’ve had a few hopeful cool mornings that linger longer and arrive earlier in the evening. We look for signs and changes. I’ve become fascinated by seedpods. They are beautiful. The dying of the flower means the creation of beautiful seedpods. Deeper colors like oranges, browns, magentas, and reds create odd shaped spheres, crescents, or needles.

We stay outside as long as possible. We take blankets and tea and study and talk and watch the animals chat about this and that. The children have planted starts for the garden and we move them in and plant more seeds hopeful for a big fall crop. Amelia brings leaves with splashes of color and they twist and knot and design what they can with branches and leaves to form Autumnal crowns and designs.

This is Florida in the fall.


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