Happy Hannah

She is happy. Always a smile. She loves rhythm and song. She thinks laughing and smiling is the best. She crawls as fast as she can to the back door when the others run out. She wants to be with them doing what they are doing. She eats anything I put in front of her. She east zucchini like Amelia --An entire squash in one sitting. She loves the animals, especially Lucy. She says "down" and "daddy" and "doggy" although they all sound about the same. She loves to swim and take a bath and Lucy's bowl of water. She finds balls and opens the recycle bin and throws the ball in and smiles big. She crawls in the dishwasher. I guess that is what you do when you are eight months old. She looks for William and William looks for her. They are little friends already. She doesn't fuss unless she is tired or hungry. Last year the time stood still. Today, it whizzes by and slips through my fingers!


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