To Grow A Garden

To grow a garden. . . To grow a garden you will need good soil. Seeds. The right spacing and thinning. Watering. Watching. Always watching. Weeding. Working. Visiting. Vigilant against the bugs. Pick them off one by one if you have to.

Send the beans up the string. Just direct them and they will ride up the line.

Hold a baby. Drink some gatorade. Learn about the seeds and the plants and the weeds and the soil. 
Know what comes next. 

Be ready to cut, to hoe, to move dirt, to scoop manure, to weed. Always weed. Drink gatorade. That always helps.

Absorb the colors and the life. Harvest and eat and sell and get ready to go again. 
It's time for the next set of seeds and soil and weeds. We are working together to amend the soil. Amend the time the land sat still. To start a garden, you have to keep going. Figure out what grew right and where. What needs to be in this sun in this direction, in this space. The greens are getting greener. The fruit is coming. We are in this together - to grow a garden.


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