John Deere 1010

We needed a tractor. We were running into a few obstacles with the Subaru serving as our horse power.
He did some research. He and his dad ping ponged ideas and plans. The 1964 John Deere 1010 would leave Aragon, Georgia and head to Tallahassee, Florida. George would be reunited with the first tractor he had ever seen. Now the tractor would work his land and George would be the one responsible to keep it greased and tuned and turning and working and -- greased.

We lined up the transportation and we waited. It would arrive on Tuesday. Then Wednesday. The children watched the road and listened for Lucy’s bark. Waiting. Finally the tractor arrived. George’s smile told the story. It told about a four-year-old boy on his daddy’s lap mowing hay.  It told of hot summer hours cutting and baling. It spoke about repairs and safety and responsibility. He smiled land and fertile soil and life on a farm. 

The children and George plowed a huge patch for more garden, tripling our gardening space. They plowed, bush hogged, moved the trailer full of trash, lumber, logs, brush, compost, and children -- and trash.


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