Pigs, A Subaru, And A Plow

We started to see glimpses of spring and dreamily started planning our spring garden. A few warm days drew us out into the sun and we couldn't wait to get to work. 

Around here, not much is done with what you might call call normal tools or materials. George is the master creator and problem solver. We've two pigs that love to furrow. We don't have a tiller. And pigs don't break down, rust, or need oil or gasoline. George lured them to the garden with the shake of corn in the green bucket and locked them in. For five days they ate away at lettuce and collard remains and dug their noses deep into the soil. The garden was tilled. Once they were back in their fence, George decided to mix in compost and make rows. He found an antique plow in the barn, which requires a horse. We don't have a horse. We do have a Subaru. George figured out how to hitch the plow to the Subaru, but cars don't respond to voice commands. Well, our 15 year old Subaru doesn't.  I loaded Hannah in and saddled up. And we were off. I'm sure we give the neighbors delightful dinner conversation material. With just a few hiccups, we kept it together and had a beautifully plowed garden. The children work diligently to make the soil just right and dropped in potatoes, onions, carrot seeds, beet seeds and more all with pigs, a Subaru, and a plow.


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