Oysters and Rain for Turning Seven

Seven inches of rain for turning seven. Piles of water. Puddles knee high. Water everywhere. Friends came and splashed in puddles and wadded in sloppy mud and played sopping wet soccer followed by hot tea at the table with piles of popcorn and sandwiches. Smiles always from George Wilder. Being seven was wet and wonderful.

He wanted a skate board for his birthday. He tried it in the garage, but real riding would have to wait on the rain to pass.

He wanted shrimp and to try an oyster so George did a fabulous low country boil and the guy at the fish market sent home a few oysters for the birthday boy. He said it just sort of tasted like the ocean but that one was just enough.

We had chocolate-peanut butter birthday cake and key lime ice cream with more friends.

George Wilder has been waiting on seven. He slipped right into it just fine. He has mounds of energy but can curl up with a book and read for hours. He loves to sing and make music with his daddy and make up songs as we walk to the mailbox. He writes silly poems and thinks pocket knives are perfect. He is tender and kind and sure to let his siblings know he is up for rescaling any time of the day. He is strongly competitive, so watch out when he asks to play soccer – which is happening in our yard almost always.


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