One Week Of Sweet Hannah and Paper Plates

Week one with Hannah. There is really little to say as she is doing all the things that one week old babies will do. Eat, sleep, poop, spit up, scream when she is hungry, grunt when she is satisfied, and coo while she sleeps. Her eyes are bright and look around for the itty bit of time she is awake. She can manage sitting in a siblings lap for a few minutes before deciding it isn’t quite as comfy as she would like.

The laundry went from small hills to giant mountains. Overnight. Lots of meals are coming. And our dear friend, said that when they had a baby they found some plates at the store made of paper. We found some! We are so thankful for meals and notes and flowers keeping us fed and the house smelling divine and looking bright!

And how is it possible that if a newborn is sleeping between 16 and 20 hours of the day that I am so exhausted from the 4 to 8 hours she is awake? It is hard work keeping up with a sleeping infant!


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