The Quilt Maker's Gift

During Thanksgiving, Grandmother Boggs brought a lovely book, The Quilt Maker’s Gift by Jeff Brumbeau. Thanksgiving came and went but the children continued to pour over the pages. One afternoon, George Wilder read it out loud to us. I don’t think we’ve ever poured over a book like this one. The pictures, the quilts, and the story captured us and took us on a long journey. The illustrations and the writing beautifully patched together a delightful tale reminding us that real happiness isn’t about getting but about giving. A great way to enter the holiday season.

The children became fascinated by quilt patterns and their names. I told them that they could design their own and name it and that I’d happily help them create it. Although, I’ve never quilted in my life I figured we could figure it out. They quickly found paper and pencil and set to work. And then Amelia said, “We have to make this right now or else we will never make it.” She is right, but I wish she wasn’t. Projects so easily find their way to the bottom of piles.

So, we got out piles of fabric and started cutting and started piecing it all together. It isn’t really quilting, but they have their first square. The Quilt Maker's Gift.

George Wilder’s is "War on Each Side".
Amelia named her square "Exchanging"


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